Methodology of Cryptoworld news rating calculation

The rating of news for the day is based on the number of reference of each news in 10 relevant English-speaking news resources:

  1. Cryptovest
  2. Ethereum world news
  4. Coin Telegraph
  5. AMBcrypto
  6. blokt
  8. Bitcoinist
  9. CryptoDaily
  10. Cryptonews

The news, mentioned in the greatest number of sources, will be the leader of the day. The rest are ranked in decreasing order according to the number of resources mentioning them.

The rating for the week and month is based on the daily rating: the higher the rating of the news for the day, the better position the news will occupy on the results of the week or month.

This version of the weekly and monthly ratings is not final. We are constantly in the process of searching the best options and improving the existing ones. Therefore, the methodology could be changed later.